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[다우니 아가페 교회 LTG 나눔] John 15:16-17, John 16:24
sr 2021-11-02 13:45:41 8

I pray but I do not ask everything that I may need.

Pastor said several times to pray first, but I always "do" first.

It will be somewhat okay if I pray about it after I "do", but I don't even do that. I "do" & "try" even more.

This week's LTG, John 16:24 stood out the most. Let me pray for anything and everything that I need or want (however small it may be and how selfish it may be).

Holy Spirit will let me know yes or no or wait if I sincerely ask in Jesus's name.

I am not able to do this right now due to my unbelieving heart, so Holy Spirit, please let me believe.

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